The new world of Huawei and why we should all be excited.

It’s time to broaden the horizon as well as the landscape

Which is why there were so many brilliant and key people at the event. From all sorts of countries and societies and sectors. All that spoke about the future. Not just of technology but also about law and IP and about society as a whole. And how we must share as well as create Intellectual Property and innovations to make the world a better place. Something I believe strongly about.

Patents and IP and the future.

Whether or not the number of patents is important. The sharing of IP and inventions can ONLY happen (as my video points out) when companies invest enough. In their research and development and into the people power of their companies. Which is something that Huawei does.

And how is this possible?

As every year, Huawei invests more than a whopping 10% of its sales revenue into R&D. Huawei ranks second in the 2021 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard. And in 2021, the company increased its R&D investment to CNY142.7 billion, representing 22.4% of our total revenue. Over the past decade, Huawei’s total R&D investment surpassed CNY845 billion.

  • more granted patents (or “grantings”) than any other Chinese company,
  • filed the most patent applications with the EU Patent Office,
  • been ranked fifth in terms of new patents granted in the United States.
  • for five straight years ranked №1 worldwide in terms of Patent Cooperation Treaty applications.

But what about the future? The future is collaboration.

My personal favourite inventions from the 10 showcased.

About the Author.

Ex marketing agency owner, digital trainer, Ted talker, keynote speaker, serial tech startup founder and now media spokesperson Dan Sodergren’s main area on interest is the #futureofwork, #remotework,#data, #greentech and #tech startups. He is co-founder of with Michal Wisniewski

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