The great opportunity of the New. Happy #NYE2018 and #NY2019.

WITH a quick thanks first.


Thanks for everything everyone. Truly grateful for all the loveliness in the world. All your support.

And for all my opportunities this year. To grow and change. And perhaps become a better person.

And — of course — for all my lovely clients for

Without you I couldn’t do what I do. So... worth thinking about ... For our #marketing and lives…

The opportunity of the new.

  • New Year
  • New Moments
  • New Adventures
  • New Lessons
  • New Memories
  • New Challenges
  • New Opportunities
  • Making A New You?
  • A new business. A new life?



The world needs new.

#NYE2018 here's to you in 2019!

Hiring new people? Changing lives. Creating new?

Make sure you FLOCK.

Go to to sign up and help change 2019.



Dad. Husband. Speaker. Trainer. Adviser. Media expert for #Tech #DigitalMarketing and now #Type2Diabetes. As seen on @BBC1 @Ch4 @ITV and heard on the radio too.

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