Is the future of work about a great life work balance? Or is it DOA? Or DAO?

Researching remote work. Remotely.

“partnered with NOS. A local communications company, to pump in the internet. At a download speed of 500 megabits per second, with indoor and outdoor routers.”

So it’s DOA not DOA.

‘Workers can govern themselves as stakeholders rather than employees. DAO members access their organization’s funds based on transparent smart contracts instead of relying on the decisions CEOs and CFOs make behind closed doors. When changes to the DAO are necessary, member votes are counted, and changes are implemented through algorithms on the blockchain, not human intermediaries.’

It’s all about Engagement.

“in a place where you’re evaluated solely on the quality of your work, no one really cares about your appearance.”


DAOs rock.

More about Your FLOCK.

References for the piece.



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