How can you protect yourself when working from home? Some top tips…

We will have to become a lot less free about HOW we do this.

The Remote Work Revolution.


  • 70% of remote workers said they had experienced IT problems during the pandemic.
  • 54% had to wait up to three hours for the issue to be resolved. Which might be too long in a security breach situation.
  • An industry survey, from the BBC article, found 56% of senior IT technicians believe their employees have picked up bad cyber-security habits while working from home.

Some top tips — you might not have thought about.

A quick win when you mass zoom — make sure you identify all participants in online meetings.

A much trickier one. Is to not mix personal and business use of devices

If you do have your work machines at home.

For more advanced thinking. Safeguard your home network and communicate via secure connections.

“Because you’ll be using your private network at home. You’ll have to protect it accordingly, with strong WLAN encryption, a unique and complex password, and regular updates. Always work via a secure connection established by VPN, especially if you’re also exchanging sensitive information or are accessing the Intranet.”

So on that note — keep the software on all your devices up to date

“Data traffic passes through that same router that’s connected to many other devices including various smart home appliances which, in the worst case, may not have any up-to-date protection. All these are potential gateways for hackers. Which is why it’s recommended that you allow all your devices, whether company or personal, to update automatically.”

And a crazy one — but it’s so right too. Switch off voice controlled smart devices at your home.

And I have friends that even — cover the webcam when it’s off.

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