How AI is Shaping the Future of Education: Discover Key Takeaways from IT Futures Forum

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6 min readOct 12, 2023

Recently, I had the immense pleasure of delivering the keynote speech at the IT Futures Forum — an enlightening platform championing the change of adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education — organized by The Stone Group.

As a futurist, tech keynote speaker, founder, and active advocate of technology’s trans-formative power especially around AI, I found it an immense opportunity to communicate the need, impact, and future of incorporating AI in the realm of teaching.

In my talk, I emphasized the importance of understanding and aligning personal values with one’s profession, a fundamental step in embracing radical, technology-aided changes in teaching. Basing my argument on Simon Sinek’s philosophy, ‘Start with your why,’ I challenged the crowd to really think about what motivates them. As I believe

“Without knowing your motivations you can’t know why you will change.”

And we all need to change, especially in the education sector, as

AI is coming. But how can we use it?

With my opening keynote speech for The Stone Group, I delved into the ‘how’ — encouraging the audience to introspect on their feelings about AI. By creating empathetic connections between teachers and technology, I believe that we can ease the industry’s metamorphosis into a digitalized future. Furthermore, I highlighted the benefits of more connection, collaboration, diversity, and inclusion — a key superpower AI promises. Firmly advocating for a growth mindset, I emphasized that AI could extend our cognitive capacity, transforming it into a secret superpower.

“AI won’t take your job — but someone using AI just might”

The climax of my talk revolved around the ‘what’ — a demonstration of AI’s meaningful applicability in education. I projected real-world examples and practical tools, empowering educators to embrace AI’s role, not just in the distant future, but starting right now. Referencing the amazing work done by Prof .Ethan Mollick from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania,

I really hope my opening keynote speech on AI bolstered the audience’s understanding of AI’s potential in fostering creativity, transforming the industry, and enhancing both productivity and student engagement.

As I align my vision with The Stone Group, I firmly believe that technology, particularly AI, will positively revolutionize the teaching profession. The Future of Education is not on the distant horizon; it is here, and it demands our proactive adaptation. With this shift, teaching promises a better work-life balance and increased job satisfaction.

The Stone Group, through platforms like the IT Futures Forum, champion this great digital transformation, fostering ready arenas to shift towards advanced learning methodologies. Meanwhile, my role is to bridge this gap between understanding technology and its practical application, supplying educators with the tools and strategies to thrive in this emerging evolution.

Which is why inspired by the IT Futures Forum experience and the realization of the pressing need for AI education for teachers, I decided to lend my support to a great initiative — AITeacherCourse.

Masterminded by Janine Atkin, this idea combines my vision and her expertise to present a teaching revolution. Janine is building AI Teacher Course and was also one of the first people to complete my own AIMarketingCourse. But that is not the reason I am supporting her…

As through her website she aims to reach out to all teachers and change the sector of education with AI. This aligns perfectly with my philosophy as I admire and vouch for progress, innovation, and digital transformation in the field of education. Especially when pioneered by those non traditionally represented equally in the world of technology.

Around 70% of my family are teachers in the past or present. And I myself have worked in education or around it for more than a decade. In fact, I was about to complete my PGCE. But I went into helping young people start their own businesses with organisations like UTC Media City. And then training adults in marketing and technology instead.

So why help the AI Teacher Course. NOW?

As you can see above. Young people are already using AI and now I believe so should teachers too. So the AI Teacher Course promises to fulfil the urgent and time-sensitive need to introduce teachers to the impact of AI in their profession. It serves as a learning space where teachers can explore AI in Education and pick up tips on Teaching with AI. It offers Time-saving AI Education Tools.

Which is what I do with my AI Marketing Course too.

Myself and Janine, are hoping that we can help teachers and schools and trusts and educators adapt to technology-driven trends while saving their time and helping students be more successful. Not banning AI but using it in a collaboration with technology.

Through this collaboration, something I talked about at my closing keynote for Personio, I am hopeful that we can empower people and especially educators to

  • feel lighter,
  • less stressed,
  • and more in control.

Not only will it enhance their happiness and productivity at work but also bring them in sync with the rapidly evolving teaching practices. Bridging this gap is not just a necessity but has become our responsibility.

Change is the only constant.

Change, especially in a crucial domain like education, can be daunting. But it’s ideas like AITeacherCourse and forums and events like the one organised by The Stone Group, that help provide the blueprint and tools necessary for navigating this change.

Consequently, by familiarising and integrating AI, we can all benefit from the innovative, care-driven advancements that AI brings. So, I welcome all educators to join the AITeacherCourse and inch closer towards a harmonious blend of traditional teaching and AI — a move towards progress, ensuring the future of education remains bright, innovative, and transformative. And if you were at the IT Futures Forum you will get a special offer as well for a FREE pilot for this.

Find out more at Janine’s website and connect with her at her new LinkedIn profile.

The IT Futures Forum was more than an event — it’s a stepping stone towards an exciting and progressive future, lighting up the way for education to be influenced and enhanced through the visionary lens of innovation.

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