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It was a fascinating experience participating in Deepa’s “Thinking Deepa” podcast. This podcast has previously featured prominent figures like Usain Bolt, and it was thrilling to trace his path, metaphorically. The deep, engaging discussions I had on this podcast were indeed unique, all thanks to Deepa Parekh’s interviewing style and approach. It was genuinely enlightening.

Contrary to several of my keynotes, this focused on a more spiritual perspective of technology and its role in our society. I believe you may find it insightful — do tune in to the entire conversation here. So, what aspects did we delve into?

So many that I wrote two blogs about it — one here and one on DanSodergren.com too. Here’s some of the thinking for you to enjoy.

The Potential Impact of AI on Society

Robots replacing mundane jobs can have a significant impact on society, and it’s important to consider both the positive and negative effects. On the positive side, the ability of robots to perform tasks that humans don’t want to do can contribute to a better quality of life. Imagine having a robot that cleans your house, like those little rumba devices.

It can save us time and energy, allowing us to focus on other important aspects of our lives. Like using AI (without robots) to help us with our marketing and brands, with the AI Marketing Course, Additionally, for a bigger moment for society, robots can be utilized in industries such as mining and farming, where the work is often dangerous for humans. By replacing humans with robots in these fields, we can potentially reduce the risk of injuries or fatalities.

The role of robots in replacing jobs also raises questions about the future of employment. Many knowledge-based jobs, like those in law and accounting, may not require as much human involvement in the future. While this may lead to job loss for some individuals, it also presents an opportunity for a shift in working hours.

Instead of working five days a week, people could work two days a week and spend the rest of their time caring for their families or pursuing other interests. It could be a way to re-balance the prioritization of work over personal well-being.

However, we must be cautious about the potential negative consequences, such as the impact on the economy and the need for new skills and training. Which is why I created the AI Marketing Course — as a way to help entrepreneurs learn about AI and how it can be harnessed to save their time and money.

The Implications of AI in Terms of Power and Control

But it is not all amazing when it comes to the future. And so when it comes to AI, we need to consider the implications in terms of power and control. With AI becoming more advanced and encompassing various modalities, such as visual media, we have to ask ourselves where we draw the line in terms of the amount of time we spend with AI.

Social media is already known to be a distraction, but what about our own humanity?

Will the AI work revolution give us more time to be ourselves? Or less?

The issue of power also arises when discussing AI. Those who have access to advanced AI technology, such as governments and tech giants, are likely to have an advantage over the general public.

Something talked about in Mo Gawdat’s great book…

We can see this pattern with other technologies like the internet, where it was initially developed and controlled by a select few before being made widely available. If those in power have access to more powerful AI systems, what does that mean for us?

Are we living in a manipulated, post-truth world?

These questions raise concerns about potential manipulation and control over society. And something I am talking about on Channel Four soon.

The Potential Impact of AI on Education and Society

AI, or artificial intelligence, has the potential to revolutionise education and society as we know it. With the ability to gather and manipulate vast amounts of data, AI systems can create a new education system that is tailored to the needs and interests of individual learners.

Which is an idea I love. As practically all my family are teachers or work in education. And I work in training corporates and doing keynotes around the future. And have also worked in education and in schools and universities too.

So I know the huge potential of this technology. As AI, when utilised, means that students can have a more personalised learning experience, focusing on areas they are passionate about and developing their own critical thinking skills. It’s an exciting prospect that could completely transform the way we approach education.

But with the rise of AI comes some concerns. What if everything we learn is driven by an iMachine, a non-sentient entity that controls the world population?

It’s a daunting thought, but the solution is not to fight against AI, but rather to embrace it and use it to create a better world. Instead of worrying about the government or Facebook analytics, we should focus on how we can harness the power of AI to make a positive impact. Whether it’s cloning our own voice or image, or using AI to improve business practices and make a difference in our communities, there are endless possibilities to explore. AI is not something to fear, but rather an opportunity to seize. So let’s move forward with an open mind and continue to strive for a better future.

If you would like to know more about the AI Marketing Course, our new cohort starts in mid September. I would love you to be on it.

Check out the whole interview here.

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I am Dan Sodergren; if you are reading this, you are part of the future.

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